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A male running on grass doing a turn at a cone doing his physiotherapy rehab to get him back into sport


At Aim 4 More Physiotherapy we understand that the rehabilitation period post injury can be a long and arduous process, one which sometimes lacks direction. Our chartered physiotherapist has experience in abundance working with a range of individuals from amateur to elite athletes throughout the rehabilitation process. These injuries include ankle sprain, anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) sprains, hamstring strains, shoulder dislocations and much more. Our chartered physiotherapist also possesses great knowledge and expertise across multiple sports meaning that your rehabilitation will be specific to your sport.

At Aim 4 More Physiotherapy we are also aware that one of the biggest predictors for future injury is previous injury. Hence we carry out thorough assessments throughout your rehabilitation to ensure your strength and flexibility is optimised in the injured area as well as neighbouring joints and muscles. Although not all sports injuries can be prevented, our expert knowledge of the body’s biomechanics and understanding of movement will help reduce the risk of further injuries.

Aim 4 more physiotherapy – Aiming to optimise your health and well-being!

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