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Aim 4 more physiotherapy – Aiming to optimise your health and well-being!

At Aim 4 More Physiotherapy we believe that the success of your surgery is determined by your course of rehab once you leave the operating theatre. Your surgeon will have skilfully performed the necessary operation, and then your physiotherapist will carefully guide you through the different phases of your rehabilitation back to full function and fitness.

At Aim 4 More Physiotherapy our chartered physiotherapist has a wealth of experience in the post-op management for a variety of orthopaedic surgeries. Our chartered physiotherapist will work closely with you and your surgeons to ensure a seamless rehabilitation period looking out for any potential post-op complications.

Our 4 key focuses post-surgery include:

  • Swelling management

  • Optimising your mobility

  • Strengthening the muscles and correct any compensatory movements

  • Regaining function and completion of your goals

An individual who had an external fixation and she is on the rowing machine completing her physiotherapy rehabilitation
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